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A soothing soak will immediately start the relaxation experience. Trimming, filing and shaping the nails along with detailed cuticle work is performed. We then continue with a gentle exfoliation followed by a hydrating massage. Your choice of nail color or buffing of the nail will be the finishing touch.

     Manicure with Polish                $ 30     

     Manicure with French Polish    $ 35

     Manicure with Shellac              $ 40

     Manicure with French Shellac  $ 45

     Add Glitter                                $ 10

Upgrade to Spa Manicure and recieve an exfoliation, extended massage and Paraffin dip for an additional $ 20

Men's Manicure                    $ 35 

With men in mind, keeping this treatment quick and straight forward, we trim, file and buff the nails. To finish, expert cuticle is done followed by a hydrating hand massage.

Upgrade to Spa Manicure and recieve an exfoliation, extended massage and Paraffin dip for an additional $ 25

Princess Mani or Pedi      $ 25  

A Soak, Shape and Polish. Ages 10 Under. Upgrae to Shellac and add Glitter for a small fee

Shellac Polish

A safer and quicker alternative, Shellac Polish (also known as Gel Polish) goes on like polish and leaves a mirror finish, lasting for up to 14 days with no chipping or damage. When it’s time for removal, it comes off in mere minutes.

      Shellac Application                    $ 30   

      Shellac Removal                       $ 10    

      Shellac Change                         $ 35

      Shellac French Polish Change  $ 40


Acrylic & Solar Nails

Nails are enhanced with the application of liquid and powder acrylic. A classic look that leaves nails strong and durable.

   Acrylic/Solar Full Set                  $ 55

          Acrylic/Solar Fill       $ 50

          Back Fill                   $ 40

          Add Glitter/Color      $ 10

          Add Special Design $ 10+

    Add Special Length or Shape  $ 10

Ultra Violet Gel Nails

After the application of a gel mix, nails are set under ultra-violet lights. U.V.Gel Nails are less damaging to the natural nail and as durable as any acrylic.

   U.V Gel Full Set                     $ 65

           Fills 3 week or less         $ 50

           Fills 3 weeks or more     $ 60

      Add Specialty Length or Shape $ 10 

Dip Powder Nails

Dip Powder is applied directly over the natural nail, much like a polish and mimics the natural movements and flexibility of your nails,  the least harmful to the natural nail.

Dip Powder Full Set                 $ 55

            Fills                               $ 45

Add Specialty Length or Shape $ 10



    Nail Art Designs (2 nails)          $   7+

    Air-brush Design                       $ 10+ 

    Polish Change                           $ 15

    Artificial Nail Removal               $ 15

    Artificial Nail Repair Per Nail     $ 10+

    Paraffin Treatment                    $ 15


Mini Mani & Pedi                          $ 50

Soak, cuticle trimming, shaping, shorten & polish

Basic Mani & Pedi                        $ 65

Soak, cuticle trimming, shaping, shorten, callus removal & polish

Regular Mani & Pedi                    $ 89

Mani & Pedi with addition of foot massage, paraffin dip & shellac polish