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Pampering one's feet is the ultimate luxury. Soak your feet in a spa tub while enjoying our massaging chairs. Trimming, shaping of the toenails, and care of the cuticles. Banishing of dead skin and calluses followed by a soothing foot massage. Your choice of nail color or buffing of the nail will be the finishing touch.     

Upgrade to Spa Pedicure and recieve an exfoliation, extended massage and Paraffin dip.

     Basic Pedicure w/Polish            $ 40     

     Regular Pedicure w/Polish        $ 50

     Spa Pedicure w/Polish               $ 60

     Add Shellac / Gel Polish            $ 10

     Add Glitter or Design                   $ 7+ 

Or Splurge on an Ultimate Spa Pedicure with added exfoliation, hot towels, hot stone massage, paraffin dip, shellac , 2 big toes designs and organic essential oil massages!

    ULTIMATE Spa Pedicure               $ 80

Men's Pedicure                     $ 50   

With men in mind, keeping this treatment quick and straight forward, we trim, file and buff the nails. To finish, expert cuticle is done followed by a hydrating foot massage.

Upgrade to Ultimate Spa Pedicure and recieve an exfoliation, extended massage and Paraffin dip for an additional $ 30

Princess Pedicure             $ 25  

A Soak, Shape and Polish. Ages 10 Under. Upgrade to Shellac and add Glitter for a small fee

Shellac Polish

A safer and quicker alternative, Shellac Polish (also known as Gel Polish) goes on like polish and leaves a mirror finish, lasting for up to 14 days with no chipping or damage. When it’s time for removal, it comes off in mere minutes.

      Shellac Application                    $ 30   

      Shellac Removal                       $ 10    

      Shellac Change                         $ 30

      Shellac French Polish Change  $ 40


Acrylic/Solar or U.V Toe Nails

Nails are enhanced with the application of liquid and powder acrylic. A classic look that leaves nails strong and durable.

   Toe Acrylic/Solar Full Set         $ 55

    Dip Powder Full Set                $ 60

    Dip Powder Fill                        $ 50

          Acrylic/Solar Fill                $ 45

          Add Glitter/Color               $ 10

          Add Special Design          $ 10+

    Add Special Length or Shape  $ 10

Ultra Violet Gel Toe Nails

After the application of a gel mix, nails are set under ultra-violet lights. U.V.Gel Nails are less damaging to the natural nail and as durable as any acrylic.

   Toe U.V Gel Full Set             $ 65

           Toe Fills                         $ 55

           Add Glitter/Color            $ 10

           Add Special Design       $ 10+

   Add Specialty Length or Shape $ 10



    Nail Art Designs (2 nails)          $   7+

    Air-brush Design                       $ 10+ 

    Polish Change                           $ 15

    Artificial Nail Removal               $ 15

    Artificial Nail Repair Per Nail     $ 10+

    Paraffin Treatment                    $ 20


Mini Mani & Pedi                       $ 50

Soak, cuticle trimming, shaping, shorten & polish

Mani & Pedi with Polish        $ 65

Soak, cuticle trimming, shaping, shorten, callus removal, foot masage, hot stone massage & polish

Mani & Pedi with Shellac     $ 89

Soak, cuticle trimming, shaping, shorten, callus removal, foot massage, stone massage & shellac polish